Author: Jose Ilic


Profesor Dr. Bernard de Wit

Professor Bernard visited the Physics Department of the University of Concepción during the second semester of 2019, the visit was organized by Dr. Julio Oliva. During his stay, he taught the course Quantum Field Theory II, which is a graduate course. However, as this was a special occasion, some undergraduate students were allowed to attend these masterclasses.


Alejandra Marcela Maldonado Trapp Ph.D.

Profesora Asistente del Departamento de Física de la UdeC. Actualmente investiga Análisis de Aprendizaje, Investigación de Eduación, Aprendizaje y Enseñanza Online, Diseño de Instrucción, Correlaciones Cuánticas, Ventajas Cuánticas, Discordia Cuántica e Información Cuántica.


Mandatory and Elective Courses

Here you can find the course program and code for every course linked to the Physics and Physical Engineering degrees. This information is only available in Spanish at the moment Asignaturas Obligatorias 1rst Semester Panorama de la Física (515103) Álgebra y trigonometría (527103) Computación Científica...

Paper: Comparing the structures of storytelling and magic for science communication with an agent-based model

José Ilic-García, Ignacio Ormazábal, along with professors Fernando Izaurieta and Hernán Astudillo have just published the first article in the field of science communication associated with the Physics Department of the University of Concepción. The article was published in the journal Public Understanding of Science, considered a leader in its field.