Course NameCredits
Fluid Mechanics4
Quantum Mechanics4
Statistical Mechanics4
Course NameCredits
Galactic Astrophysics4
Cosmology of Astronomy4
Advanced Spectroscopy4
Plasma Physics4
TXRF Generalities and Aplications4
Fermionic Degrees of Liberty in the context of
the Model of Interacting Bosons
Introduction to Relativistic Cosmology4
Introduction to the Atom – EM radiation Field Interaction4
Introduction to LASER Optics4
String Theory Invitation4
The Scale of Galactic Distances4
Nucleosynthesis and Chemical Evolution of Galaxies4
Quantum Optics4
Inverse Gephysical Problems4
Astronomical Image Processing I4
Optical Properties of Materials and Thin Films4
Material Chemistry4
Remote Detection System: LIDAR4
Complementary Subjects in General Relativity4
Quantum Information Theory4
Group Theory in Particle Physics4
Visualization and Manipulation of Individual Molecules4
Quantum Field Theory I4
Quantum Field Theory II4
Course NameCredits
Seminar I4
Course NameCredits
Introduction to Quantum Cryptography2
Seminar II4
Course NameCredits
Classical Mechanics4
Quantum Mechanics4
Relativistic Quantum Mechanics4

Course NameCredits
Classical and Quantum Black Holes1
Advanced Astrobiology4
Theoretical Dynamical Galactic & Stellar Astrophysics4
Characterization & Analysis of Nanostructured Materials4
Observational Cosmology4
Star Cumulus4
Geophysical Fluid Dynamics4
Coastal Ocean Dynamics4
Cavity Quantum Electrodynamics4
LASER Spectroscopy I4
LASER Spectroscopy II4
Astrophysical Accretion Phenomenons 4
Semiconductors Physics4
Complex Systems Physics4
Galaxy Formation & Evolution4
Photoacoustics and Phototermics 4
Micro to Nano Scale Photonics4
Astronomical Instrumentation Fundaments4
Diferential Geometry in Gague Theories4
Lie Algebras & Groups4
Electromagnetic Waves & Ocean Interaction4
Introduction to the Physics of Elementary Particles4
Introduction to Physical Hydrology4
Introduction to String Theory4
Introduction to Collective Movement4
LASER: Matter Interaction4
LASERS & Applications4
Galaxy Formation Scaling Laws4
Interstellar Matter4
Celestial Mechanics4
Experimental Methods I4
Mathematical Methods II4
Numerical Methods in Theoretical Astronomy4
Numerical Methods for Linear & Non-Linear Physics4
Quantum Metrology4
Micro-Inestabilities I4
Micro-Inestabilities II4
Applied Ocean Modelling4
Atmospheric Numeric Modelling4
Small Scale Oceanographic Modelling4
Neural Networks Modelling4
Nanomaterials in Photovoltaic4
Oriental South Pacific Oceanography4
Shock Waves4
Quantum Optics4
Seismology & Earth Geodynamic Parameters4
Remote Perception in Geophysics4
Astrophysical Plasmas I4
Practice of Advanced Methods in Data Processing
and signals
Complex Networks4
Nanostructured Semiconductors4
Theoretical Astrophysics Seminar4
Stellar Theory & Formation Seminar4
Symmetries and Conserved Charges in Gravitation4
Numeric Simulation in Phototermic Methods4
Material’s Synthesis and Characterization4
Microscale Systems4
Solar Systems4
Supersymmetry & Supergravity4
QFT Complementary Subjects4
Optic Coherence Theory4
Scattering Theory I4
Gauge Theories4
Applied Thermodynamics to Separation Processes 4
Black Hole Thermodynamics4
Black Hole Thermodynamics (Entanglement Entropy)4
Advanced Topics in Astronomical Instrumentation4
Topics in Geophysical Fluid Dynamics4
Topics in Geophysical Fluid Dynamics II4
Topics in Gravitation & Gauge Theories4
Topics in Quantum Information4
Topics in General Relativity4
Topics in Seismology4
Advanced Topics in Quantum Theory4
Course NameCredits
Topics in Physics V3
Topics in Physics VI3