Internal Scholarships

  • Graduate Scholarship
  • Premio Universidad de Concepción Scholarship
  • Articulation Scholarship
  • Union Colective Agreement Scholarship

External Scholarship

The Scholarships awarded by the Graduate Directorate are for Graduate Programs with financial administration dependent on the Graduate Directorate (according to the financial resources available), which contemplate the following benefits (they are not incompatible):

• Partial or total exemption from the Tariff Fees (does not include payment of the Registration Fee)
• Monthly allowance, for the following periods – distributed over a period of 10 months (March-December or April-January)

The duration of the Graduate Scholarships is governed by the current Scholarship Regulations. Applications for Tariff Exemption Scholarships submitted by former students who have not previously received this benefit must be made online through the Gradvs system, available in the Online Services section within the Intranet.

Scholarship applications from “accepted applicants” in graduate programs, with financial administration dependent on the Graduate Directorate, must be made through the website on Application to programs. The application period for both cases is from December 1 to January 31 of each year. It is recommended not to apply in the last few days, due to the eventual saturation of the system. The results will be delivered starting on the second week of March.

The students awarded the Premio Universidad de Concepción (Universidad de Concepción Award) are released from the payment of the Registration and Enrollment Fee, under the terms established in Decree U. de C. No. 2000-197 of 12.29.2000. To activate the benefit you must:

  1. Be an accepted aplicant to a Graduate Degree at UdeC
  2. Application letter directed at the Director of the Program, asking for the benefit to be applyed.
  3. Simple copy of the Award Certificate
  4. In the event that the student’s undergraduate program and graduate program belong to different facultys, the student must include a note from the Dean of the Faculty that the graduate degree is ofered authorising the acces to the scholarship
  5. Once the documents have been gathered, the request must be chanalized through the Director of the Graduate Degree towards the Graduate Directorate

This scholarship is aimed at those students who have obtained a bachelor’s degree and who are accepted applicants in a graduate program. It has a maximum duration of 2 years, not extendable. To make use of this Scholarship, the student must simultaneously maintain the academic condition of regular in the undergraduate system, which will be validated with the presentation of the regular student certificate.

It is aimed at those students who have demonstrated good academic performance. The programs will have to inform the Dean of each Faculty before November 30 of each year and this in turn to the Graduate Directorate of the undergraduate students benefited from the undergraduate-graduate Articulation scholarship,

  • The scholarship is awarded by the Vice-rector after a report from the Graduate Directorate
  • This scholarship will be suspended if the academic performance of the benefitiary is deficent.
  • The benefitiary will lose the scholarship in the event of infraction to the regulation of student conduct standards.
  • The application must be made directly by the candidate to the Faculty.
  • The scholarship is incompatible with any other scholarship awarded by the University of Concepción, but compatible with those awarded by sources external to the latter.

To propose the granting of the scholarship, the Faculties will take into account the following conditions:

  • Applicant’s minimum GPA: 5 (scale from 1 to 7).
  • Regular student status at the time of application.
  • The student must not have sanctions, for any reason, at the University.
  • The student must not have a time spent in undergraduate higher than “undergraduate time + 1”, in the career of origin.

This scholarship is aimed at students who are children or spouses of workers affiliated with the Union subject to a collective contract, it consists of the exemption from paying the fee in direct proportion to the working day of the beneficiary worker. Applicants for this scholarship must be regular students of graduate programs and meet all the academic requirements demanded by graduate scholarships, in the case of decentralized programs, the amount of the scholarship will not exceed the highest fee for the centralized programs.

The worker must request the application form at the Personnel Directorate and later request an interview with the Social Worker for the evaluation of their background.