Studying Physical Sciences gives an understanding of the deepest mysteries of the Universe, a profound comprehension of the laws of physics, and the acquisition of powerful analysis tools. This degree has a great focus on Physics, Mathematics, and Computing, which allows the student to work on research of the various areas of scientific and technological knowledge.

Starting in the sixth semester, students choose one of the specialties of the degree: Physics or Engineering Physics.
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Campus Concepción
Academic Degree Bachelor of
Physical Sciences
Profesional Title Physicist
Physical Engineer

DEMRE code 13046
Vacancies 45
2020 lowest score 635,15
Minimum Weighted Application Score 500
Average Score L and M minimum for Application 475
Duration 6 years

2021 Annual Fee $4.640.524 CLP
UdeC Internal Scholarship (*) $516.324 CLP
Annual Fee Minus Scholarship $4.124.200 CLP
(*) At the time of enrollment, each student, new and old, who does not have gratuity, will access this scholarship without having to apply.

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Physics Curriculum

Physical Engineering Curriculum

Course descriptions can be found here (only in Spanish)