Photo by Camila Campos, alumni of the Faculty of Physics and Mathematics

The Deartment of Physics is part of the Faculty of Physical Sciences and Mathematics of the University of Concepción. It is located in Barrio Universitaorio and near the Laguna Los Patos. It is surounded by a beatiful natural enviroment.

In 1959, under the administration of Rector David Stitchkin, the Institute of Physics of University of Concepción was created with funding from UNESCO. It’s mission was defined as the academic unit dedicated and responsible of teaching and research of the corresponding fields. From this unit the Physics Department was born in the year 1980.

Currently the Physics Department is made up of a large number of active investigators in various research areas. It is responsible for the Bachelor’s degree in physical sciences, the MSc of Physics and the PhD in physics. This last program has a research agreement with the Center for Scientific Studies (CECS) in Valdivia