Students of a bachelor’s degree in Physical Sciences can access a variety of benefits, including scholarships awarded by the university, as well as other benefits provided by the Student Center of the Faculty of Physical Sciences and Mathematics (CEFyM). For information on all scholarships awarded by the university, click here. For government information on applications and scholarships you can access these sites:,,,

Every student applies automatically at the moment of enrollment, considering the following requisites:

  • Being of Chilean nationality
  • Be a graduate of the last promotion of Secondary Education
  • Have obtained a minimum average of 700 points in the Reading Comprehension and Mathematics Tests for admission to the Universities.
  • Apply in first preference to the Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Sciences at UdeC.


  • Exemption from paying the annual fee for the degree.

Access to Lockers:

Students can apply to have exclusive use of a faculty locker. This benefit is administered by CEFYM. The goal of this benefit is to help those students who live far from campus.

Breakfast Scholarship:

Students can apply for a breakfast scholarship, this scholarship is administered by CEFYM and is the product of an agreement with the faculty cafeteria called Theorema.

Study Room and Computers:

Within the Faculty of Physical Sciences and Mathematics, there is a study room with computers that are free to use for all students of the faculty, however, physical sciences students have exclusive access to a second study room located inside the physics department. (3rd floor).


The library system of the University of Concepción (SIBUDEC) is the second largest library in the country after the National Library. UdeC students can access any of the multiple buildings related to SIBUDEC, as well as request the study rooms of the Central Library. The Faculty of Physical Sciences and Mathematics has its own specialized library located in the building.