Here you can find a list of science communication projects that are, in one way or another, related to the Physics Department of UdeC.

Project 09

Oficial outreach group of the students of UdeC’s Physics Department. It was formed in 2019 under the initiative of Barbara Candia in collaboration with José Ilić, the Department of Physics and Foundation 42
Proyecto 09


Since 2017, professor Fernando Izaurieta has been a recurring panelist on the TV program La Comunidad del Contenido. Professor Izaurieta appears live every Thursday on TVU (UdeC’s own TV station)

Foundation 42

A non-profit organization dedicated to the public understanding of science. It was founded in 2019 by Professor Fernando Izaurieta, José Ilić-García, and Bárbara Léniz. It is currently active.
Foundation 42


Astronomy outreach group specialized in people with visual disabilities. It was formed by the students Pamela Paredes and Carla Fuentes. Currently still active.

The Amorphous Thing

Science communication group made up of students from the masters and doctoral programs of UdeC’s Physics Department. Currently still active
Members: Matías Soto PhD
Old Members: Jorge Escandón, Ariana Muñoz PhD, Marcela Lagos, Pamela Paredes MSc, Constanza Quijada, Fernando Cortéz
La Cosa Amorfa

Physics For All

Physics outreach group formed by students from the UdeC Physics Department. This group was active in the years 2010 – 2012.
Members: Cristián Jara Figueroa MSc, Sebastián Arpón PhD, Jorge Escandón, Pablo Paredes, Perla Medina MSC, Felipe Portales PhD, Vicente Bravo, Miguel Campos, Felipe Matus PhD, Sebastián Reyes.

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