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The Summer School of the University of Concepción 2021 “A new paradigm; Dream-Think-Create”, is pleased to invite the community to participate in the School of Classic and Quantum Black Holes, to be held from January 11th to th 23rd In 2021, this activity will be virtual in nature and aimed at graduate and undergraduate students in Physics and related areas. The activity includes eight technical masterclasses, as well as two outreach talks.

Black holes emerge as solutions to Einstein’s equations for the gravitational field. In recent years, new evidence has accumulated regarding the relevance of these objects in stellar evolution and in the evolution of galaxies, and two Nobel Prizes have been awarded for their study and observation. The summer school “Classical and Quantum Black Holes” aims to complement the training of our graduate and advanced undergraduate students in the study of classical and quantum aspects of black holes, also inviting students from other Physics programs. Participation in the school is free, upon registration. The school will have two courses. The first, “Quantum Black Holes”, will be taught by Dr. Gastón Giribet from the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina, who is a recognized expert on the topic of quantum gravity from the point of view of string theory. The second course, “Classic black holes”, will be taught by Dr. Andrés Anabalón from the Adolfo Ibáñez University, Viña del Mar, who is an expert on supergravity black holes.

The activity as a whole is open, and for the outreach talks no previous knowledge will be assumed. However, for the courses, the contents of General Relativity 1 and Quantum Field Theory 1 will be assumed.