Researcher Profile:

Associate Professor of the Physics Department and Vicedean of UdeC’s Faculty of Physical Sciences and Mathematics. She is currently researching Materials Science and Characterization and Synthesis of Thin Films.

Winner of IDEClab‘s second call for competitive funds

Office: 330, FCFM

Chemical bath deposition of high structural and morphological quality PbSe thin films with potential optoelectronic properties for infrared detection applications
Materials Chemistry and Physics

Rutherford backscattering spectroscopy analysis of the growth quality of chemical bath deposited PbSe thin films
Solid State Sciences

Study of the early growth stages of chemically deposited ZnS thin films from a non-toxic solution
Materials Research Express

Chalcogenide Letters

Comprehensive Study of Growth Mechanism and Properties of Low Zn Content Cd1-xZnxS Thin Films by Chemical Bath
Materials Research

Synthesis and characterization of chemically deposited CdS thin films without toxic precursors
.Journal of Physics: Conference Series

Study of the crystallographic phase change on copper (I) selenide thin films prepared through chemical bath deposition by varying the pH of the solution
Journal of Solid State Chemistry

Characterization of ZnS thin films Synthesized through a non-toxic precursors chemical bath
Materials Research Bulletin

Studies on the properties of CdS films deposited from ph-controlled growth solutions
Materials Research

Optical and structural properties of chemically deposited CdS thin films on polyethylene naphthalate substrates
Thin Solid Films

Analysis of the early growth mechanisms during the chemical deposition of CdS thin films by spectroscopic ellipsometry
Thin Solid Films

Indium tin oxide films deposited on polyethylene naphthalate substrates by radio frequency magnetron sputtering
Thin Solid Films

Observations on the influence of pH control on the properties of chemically deposited CdS films in an ammonia-free system
Journal of Physics and Chemistry of Solids

Optical properties and layer microstructure of CdS films obtained from an ammonia-free chemical bath deposition process
Thin Solid Films

Structural and optical studies on thermal-annealed in2S 3 films prepared by the chemical bath deposition technique
Thin Solid Films