The fourth version of the Students of Physical and Astronomical Sciences National Conference was held at the Casa del Deporte UdeC on August 7, 8 and 9, 2019. In this fourth version, the invitation was extended to high school students interested in the scientific area so that they attend the activities and can get involved in learning physics, astronomy, or related sciences. “Our goal is to help young people who have certain doubts regarding what they want to study and bring undergraduate students closer to what the reality of science in our country is,” they explained from the Coordinator of Physical Sciences Students and Astronomical, CECFA, the main organizer of the event.

During the conference, keynote talks and forums were held on perspectives of the physical sciences in the workplace, more science communication, and science education. It was attended by scientists from different Chilean universities, such as Dr. Olivera Miskovic from the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso, who gave the talk “Hologram of a black hole”; and Dr. Claudio Dib from the Federico Santa María Technical University, who spoke about “Experimental infrastructure of astroparticles in Latin America”.

It is worth mentioning that CECFA had its beginnings in 2011, where undergraduate students saw the opportunity to interrelate and work together throughout Chile to share knowledge, experiences and development possibilities in these scientific careers.

From our Bachelor’s Degee in Physics, the organizers were:

  • Andrea Cares.
  • Pedro Contreras.
  • Jossef Guajardo.
  • Valentina Vega.