Organized by José Figueroa (UdeC), Dr. Julio Oliva (UdeC), César Riquelme (UdeC) and Ricardo Stuardo (UdeC).

In this second edition of “Udec School” the in-depth study of String Theory and Field Theories with Conformal symmetry (CFT) was addressed. Doctors Gastón Giribet (University of Buenos Aires, Argentina), Mauricio Leston (Institute of Astronomy and Space Physics, Argentina) and Guillermo Silva (National University of La Plata, Argentina) introduced concepts of String Theory, establishing their connection with the Theory of General Relativity, the importance and application of conformal Field Theories, introduced the ADS / CFT Correspondence and how it relates to effective Theories in the Big N Limit, introducing attendees to the most cutting-edge techniques of High Energy Physics.