The Educational Research and Innovation Laboratory of the University of Concepción (IDEClab) recognized this morning the winners of its competitive funds for projects related to the development of research in educational innovation. In October 2019, the First Competition for Innovation and Research Projects in Higher Education, IDEClab, was launched. The awarded projects aim to impact the subjects of biological, chemical, mathematical and physical sciences, preferably first and third-year students, to support the learning process of these subjects.

The professor of the Physics Department and Executive Director of IDEClab, Dr Alejandra Maldonado Trapp, comments on the LMS platform, Canvas “It is vitally important to have a high-quality platform that allows us to implement online and miexd courses, and that not only responds to pedagogical needs but also to research needs ”.

Among the 18 professionals of the academic community of the UdeC, there are 4 members of the Physics Department of the University of Concepión: Dr. Noelia Benito, Dr. Guillermo Rubilar, Dr. Myrna Sandoval and Dr. Esteban Sepulveda