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Guest Speaker
A) Gandhigram Rural Institute, Dindugal, India, Audi Pre y postgrados, Doctorados y Docentes de la universidad.
1. Talk “Taller – de nanomaterials de semiconductores” (2020)
2. Talk “New hybrid solar cells – Perovskite solar cells (2016)
3. Talk “Molecular Engineering of dyes for their application in dye-sensitized solar cells (February-2015)

B) National Institute of Technology, Tiruchy, India Pre y Postgrados y estudiantes de Doctorados.
1. Talk “Taller – en materiales de semiconductores por aplicación en fotovoltaicas” (2019)
2. Talk “Perovskite solar cells based on methyammonium iodide” (January-2015)
3. Talk “Near future solar cells – Economic & good performers (February-2015)
4. Talk “Future solar cell technology –- Dye sensitized solar cells” (January-2014).
5. Talk “Non-destructive analysis of thin films” (February-2014)

C) Seremi Energía del Bio Bio, Investigadores involucrado en fotovoltaicas en el region del Bio Bio.
1. Talk “Energía del mar”, en Claustro Asociado Docentes y Registro de visitas (2017).

D) Sathyabama University, Chennai, India, por los pre y postgrados.
1. Charla “Photoacoustic spectroscopy and its applications in new generation solar cells” (February-2015)

E). Manonmaniam Sundarnar University, Tirunelveli, India
11. Charla “Replacement of Ruthenium dyes with other economic dyes in DSSC” (Enero-2014).

Activities and Workshops
1. Natual Hisrotry Museum of Concepción, Concepcion, Chile:
“Charlas y Taller de Celda solares de Tinta” (August-2018 and August – 2017).
2. Orazul Energy, Cabrero, Chile:
Reunion y Taller para estudiantes del colegio en el tema de energias renovables (November-2017).
3. Activity for school students:
Taller para enseñar “Importancia de energías renovables y celdas solares” (Since 2016 onward).
4. Training for school teachers in the Biobío region:
“Fabrica y caracteriza tus celdas solares”- (Current)
5. Short workshop for school students with guest experts from international universities (2015)
6. Create a group of professors and studens that perform outreach in basic sciences and environmental topics

Associate Professor and member of the faculty of the Masters and Doctorate programs of the Physics Department at UdeC.
He is currently researching Photovoltaic Cells.

Office: 333, FCFM

  • Lead Researcher: FONDECYT Regular (N° 393723) Solutions to existent issues in DSSC and Perovskite solar cells for enhancing their efficiency and performance.
    (In Review).
  • Sponsoring Professor: FONDECYT Post Doctoral program (N° 3200635) Transition metals doped nanowire photoelectrodes combined with novel quaternary chalcogenide counter electrodes for efficient dye-sensitized solar cells.
    (2019 a 2021).
  • Sponsoring Professor: Fondecyt Post Doctorado program (N° 3190795) Developing stable and highly efficient perovskite solar cell.
    (2019 a 2022).

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