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Foundation 42
Co-founder and treasurer of Foundation 42, a non-profit organization dedicated to science outreach.
Black Holes: Destroyers of Time
This book is a journey into black holes, fierce monsters of space and time. It takes us from the start of time at the big bang to its destruction in the singularity of black holes. Science, the method of doubt and skepticism, is the key to deciphering the mysteries of the universe and, also, to discover how to forge a future for humanity even in its moments of crisis (Spanish only).

Associate Professor and member of the faculty of the Masters and Doctorate programs of the Physics Department at UdeC. He is currently researching General Relativity, Gravitational Waves, Torsion, Cartan Geometries, and Supergravity.

Office: 327, FCFM

  • Lead Researcher: FONDECYT 121219
  • Co-Researcher: FONDECYT 118068

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