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Associate Professor of the Physics Department at UdeC. He is currently researching Optics, Basic Research in Microsystems, and Applied Instrumentation Development.

Office: Lab 206, FCFM

  • Lead Researcher: FONDEF ID 19i1033
  • Lead Researcher: FONDECYT regular 1171013

Correlated flickering of erythrocytes membrane observed with dual time resolved membrane fluctuation spectroscopy under different D-glucose concentrations
Nature Research

GPU-accelerated online Monte Carlo (MC) application for imitation of twisted light propagation in turbid tissue-like scattering media Conference Presentation

Thermal fluctuation spectroscopy apply to red blood cells membrane: the effect of glucose on the micro rheological properties
Conference: Clinical and Translational Biophotonics

Propagation of Cylindrical Vector Laser Beams in Turbid Tissue-Like Scattering Media

Asymmetrical vibrational energy propagation through double or single bonds of small organic molecules. An ab-initio molecular dynamics study
Chemical Physics Letters

Perspectives of optical diagnosis with vector light beams
Conference Presentation

Mussel Classifier System Based on Morphological Characteristics
IEEE Access

Effect of double or single bonding in C-H stretching signal propagation in organic molecules. A computational study
Chemical Physics Letters

Controlling the dynamics of colloidal particles by critical Casimir forces

An Approach to Selective Optical Isolation and Cloning of Cyanobacterias of Atacama Desert
Bio-Optics: Design and Aplication

Charged topological black hole with a conformally coupled scalar field